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Jaipur Sightseeing

Rajasthan visit tours if offering Jaipur tour packages on affordable price for indian and international visitors. If you want to have a look at the mesmerizing monuments from the Rajputi and other rulers of the state, then the One Day Jaipur Sightseeing tour is the best option for you. Under this itinerary, you will be visiting the following places:

You will start the day trip of Jaipur Sightseeing Tour Package with a tour of the city. Here you will be exploring different architectural beauties, monuments, museums, and the colorful streets of the Jaipur Pink City Main Bazaars. Each monument in the city has a great story behind its establishment. You can also enjoy the sunset from the majestic forts of Amer, Nahargarh, or Jaigargh, as you want. Explore all these places with an air-conditioned car along with a driver to assist you.
Hawa Mahal:
What is better to start the one-day Jaipur Sightseeing Tour Package than the red walls of the Hawa Mahal. The Palace of Winds or the Hawa Mahal is one of the best monuments in the city. Built by Maharaja Sawai Singh in 1799, you can say that the palace is the last major historic monument ever built. The pyramid shape of this 5-storeyed palace binds tourists to visit it again and again. You can enjoy the early morning view of the city and the sun from the palace.
Amer Fort:
Amer Fort is a piece of architectural talent built upon a hill. The fort was established by Maharaja Man Singh in 1592 and has been an important part of the city since. Amer Fort is the most loved and visited spot in the city loved by locals as well as tourists. People just can’t get enough of its beauty. This monument shows the culture of the Kachwaha Dynasty (12-18 century).
Jaigarh Fort:
Jaigarh Fort is another gem of the city. Although the fort is quite similar to the Amer Fort, it is yet different. Spread in a huge area over the hill, is the proud possessor of the biggest cannon ever built. This fort is another one of the most commonly visited monuments in the Jaipur Sightseeing Tour Package. A small museum within the fort walls is also something to visit.
Jal Mahal
Jal Mahal or the Water Palace is the next monument on the list. This place is covered with a large water boundary or the Man Sagar Lake. This palace is considered to be one of the most romantic places in the city and a great spot to click a ton of images. What makes this palace so unique and attractive is its architecture. The first 4 floors of the palace are constructed in a way to be submerged in water at all times. Only the top floor is available for the tourists to see. You can not skip visiting this palace under the Jaipur Sightseeing Tour Package.
City Palace
City Palace is a palace cum museum in the city. If anyone wishes to see a beautiful blend of the Mughal and Rajput cultures, then The City Palace is the place to visit under the Jaipur Sightseeing Tour Package. From temples to huge entry doors and courtyards. The palace is loaded with mesmerizing beauties. Within the palace, there is the ‘dream’ palace of Sawai Jai Singh called the Moon Palace, where Rajasthan’s royal family still resides.
Jantar Mantar's Astronomical Observatory:
The next spot to visit under the Jaipur Sightseeing Tour Package is Jantar Mantar. This is an astrological observatory established by Sawai Jai Singh in 1734. Here you will find gigantic masonry objects used in the historic time to record and monitor the movement of the stars and their constellations.
Albert Hall Museum
Last comes the Albert Hall Museum under the Jaipur Sightseeing Tour Package. The museum proudly contains various antique weapons, armors, attires, and other archaeological artifacts and handicraft items.

Jaipur Tour Packages

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